Vestigia is a series that starts with a personal history.
A place where I grew up
A place where I got hurt
A place where I worked hard
A place where I learned almost all that defines me now
A place that I have known all my life and has its own history intimately related to my grand father’s life.
Almost forty years ago, he literally put the first stone of a family business that nowadays sustain my family and other 40 families.
A place where more than 30 people have worked all this time making their best to keep the business growing.
This hard work has left a lot of “vestigia”; marks, signs and tracks left behind when the time to evolution has come.
A new era begun with a new place to keep the business growing, and keep making history.


flaca ha dicho que…
No me equivoque tu corazon es enorme... seria muy feliz de estar aun con nosotros, no tendria espacio para el orgullo que le produciria sentir ese amor que le tenemos, o si por como era......
te quiero

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